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A Perfect Book for Halloween

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Want something scary to read for Halloween?

Our Machinery

In Thaïs Miller’s dark fable of apathy, self destruction, and redemption a machine is invented that converts the flesh of living human beings into a source of energy capable of powering the world. First used as a means of capital punishment, the machine is soon put to use on ‘volunteers’: the terminally ill, the disenfranchised, the starving and helpless, those who feel they could do better for the ones they love by trading their flesh for monetary compensation. And as rumors spread that death by the machine produces a euphoria beyond imagination, people begin willfully sacrificing themselves to it by the hundreds of thousands. OUR MACHINERY is the story of one woman’s attempts to stop the spread of the machine, to end the swell of suicide in the name of survival, and to find solace in a world descending more and more into amorality, hopelessness, and chaos.

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Zoetrope: All-Story Fall 2015 Issue Now Available

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Cover Vol 19 No 3

Thaïs volunteers as an editorial reader for Francis Ford Coppola’s literary magazine, Zoetrope: All-Story. The Fall 2015 Issue (Vol. 19 No. 3) is now available for purchase:

This issue features guest designer Martin Mull, and writing by Steve Martin, Anthony Marra, Michael Andreasen, Tatyana Tolstaya, and David Constantine.

Fall 2015 Online Advanced Novel Writing Course

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The Gotham Writers Workshop

The Gotham Writers Workshop offers online classes that fit into any schedule. From any location around the world, students can log in 24/7 to read lectures, participate in class discussions, submit their writing, and receive feedback on their work.

Starting on October 14, Thaïs will teach a 10-week online advanced Novel Writing II class.

Thaïs is also available for independent study courses such as Mentorship, Book Doctoring and Story Doctoring.

Students can enroll and find more information here: