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Great Novels You Always Meant to Read

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Starting on January 20, 2016, Thaïs will teach a 10-week literature course entitled, Great Novels You Always Meant to Read.” This course will be live and in-person at UC Berkeley Extension’s Downtown San Francisco Campus.

Read some of most influential novels in the Western canon while examining their rich social, historical and literary contexts. Appropriate for both first-time and repeat readers, this course lets you take part in lively group discussions of classic books. Thaïs will provide specific historical, biographical and critical backgrounds on each text and author.

Founded in 1891, UC Berkeley Extension is the continuing education branch of the University of California, Berkeley. Today, Extension offers more than 2,000 courses each year, including online courses, along with more than 75 professional certificates and specialized programs of study.

Students can click here to enroll and find out more information.

Winter 2016 Online Creative Writing Courses

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The Gotham Writers Workshop

The Gotham Writers Workshop offers online classes that fit into any schedule. From any location around the world, students can log in 24/7 to read lectures, participate in class discussions, submit their writing, and receive feedback on their work.

Starting on December 15, 2015, Thaïs will teach a 10-week online introductory Fiction Writing I class.

Starting on February 10, 2016,  Thaïs will teach a 10-week online advanced Novel Writing II class.

Thaïs is also available for independent study courses such as Mentorship, Book Doctoring and Story Doctoring.

Students can enroll and find more information here: