Dramatic Writing

“The Price is Wrong”

A One Act Play with Vignettes by Thaïs Miller

In the spring of 2007, Thaïs Miller wrote “The Price is Wrong: A One Act Play with Vignettes” for a Justice, Law, and Society course assignment at American University. Initially published as a chapbook by BleakHouse Publishing in winter of 2007, the play was also featured in Tacenda Literary Magazine in the spring of 2008. The play became required reading for American University’s Deprivation of Liberty course and recommended reading for an undergraduate creative writing class at New England College. “The Price is Wrong” has not yet been produced.

“The Price is Wrong” is featured in several publications:

Lethal Rejection: Stories on Crime and Punishment

Carolina Academic Press


Available for purchase: 

“The Price is Wrong” is featured in Tacenda Literary Magazine, Spring 2008 Issue. Available through the Bleak House Publishing website:

“The Price is Wrong” was originally published as a chapbook through Bleak House Publishing in 2007.


Russian Comedy Film

A Screenplay Treatment by Thaïs Miller

In 2010, Thaïs Miller composed an original screenplay treatment for director/producer Michael Masterovoy’s Russian comedy film. The treatment focuses on a New York journalist’s perception of Russian culture and his trip abroad.


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